TikTok and Climate Change Activism

The ever-increasing temperature of the earth, the change in the climatic pattern, and so on. Climate change is real! Its impact is felt in every nook and corner of our only planet.


With the change, activism and awareness for the climate have taken a foothold in every aspect. Every bit of fight is being outsourced to tackle the climate problem and usher in change and awareness.

TikTok and young climate activist 

TikTok, the short video sharing forum which has taken over the world, is one of the forms of creating awareness. Let’s say that maybe this is one of the many advantages of being technological savvy.


The idea of creating awareness through this social media platform is quite an innovative one. This strategy of activism has garnered mass consciousness and is utilized by the young generations of today’s world.


Some influential TikTok climate activist

With the present generation taking over the reins of how to make the machinery work, young activists from every realm are mushrooming. Plus, they are also making quite an impact.


Tara Bellerose, a young farmer from the Victorian Highlands farm, fearlessly advocates her voice and concerns regarding climate change. With the help of the farm animals and the resources available in TikTok, Bella strives to create awareness, especially among the youths of today.


Tara compiles her videos and makes it more impactful by putting inputs from affluent sites such as the National Geographic. She relates the approach that the uploading of her videos with beautiful views or cute animals and her message, the viewers get interested in what she has to say.


Another climate change activism in TikTok by the youth are the student volunteers from south-east Sydney. Armed with placards that read ‘There is no Planet B’, ‘Change is coming’ and ‘Time is running out’ gives out the serious boost to climate activism. Though they are not rallying out individually as Tara, sixteen- year old India, acknowledges the influences of the media platform to create awareness among her peers and mates.


An organizer of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, AYCC Grace Vegesana, also agrees on the impact of social media on climate change activism and movement. An activist of social justice, Grace has been using the TikTok platform to bring about awareness regarding the world’s climate and the youth’s concern of the future.


With the underlying satirical humour of TikTok, Grace hopes and believes that the youths will bring about a change in the future global issues. She suggests that owing to the app’s democratic nature, diverse voices from all over the world will be heard and given a chance to bring out their ideas to the front.



Activism online today is one of the versatile strategies to bring about awareness and rope in the participation of the masses. The youths of this generation are fast diversifying the activism playing field. Videos such as #forclimate and #globalwarming have garnered around 200 million views, which is a big feat.


Being technologically advanced is proving to be quite the advantage in voicing out the climate change issues by the youths. It is making an impact in carrying climate change message to social media as well as the real world.



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