How To Get More Fans On Tiktok The Natural Way

The tiktok app is taking over the social media world with its funny and interesting videos being continuously posted by its creative users.

This app became the most downloaded app in the app store in the year 2018, with more than 80 million downloads.

Tiktok is a video sharing platform with its users posting funny or creative videos for its followers. While you have your videos to increase your followers, there are also other ways through which you can increase your fan base and the number of likes in your videos.

Here is a list of tips to help you get more tiktok fans.

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Your username

One of the first things to do if you want a large fan base is to choose a username that is easy to remember and catchy. This is by far the most important thing because an easy username will make people find you easily or make them remember your username without breaking their heads.

Try not to use too many numbers or symbols on your username or rather not use at all. A simple username with just your name or maybe a catchy word will be easy to find.

Make your account public

In order to increase your followers, you need more people to see your account. For that, you need to keep your account public.

A private account can be viewed only by the followers of the account, which is not a good option if you wish to increase your fans.

Keeping your account public will also give you a chance to be featured on the “For you” page, which is one of the best ways to let people watch your videos and follow you.

The videos you make

This is by far the most important factor you need to pay attention to when it comes to increasing your fans. Make sure that your videos are interesting and funny. Don’t just post videos for the sake of it.

You can browse the “For you” page to get an idea of what is trending on tiktok. If you see even 2-3 videos of the same type in a day, it means that it is trending. You can jump into making a video based on that and share it.

Making videos that keep up to what’s trending is a good way to get more followers.

Make your videos creative

This is yet another tip that’s going to make you rack your brains, but it surely works. If you see a trend that’s going on, you can add a slight twist to it in your videos. An interesting twist will make your video go viral in a few minutes.

You can even do something that’s attractive or crazy. A simple example can be a slow-motion video of you throwing a colorful powder or ink. Anything that’s attractive and out-of-the-box will get you more followers.

Shoot videos in high-quality

If you want more people to watch your videos, then it is best to shoot it on high-quality. Most people are easily put-off by low-quality videos and prefer not to watch them at all.

Videos that are shot on phone-camera or other digital cameras are usually of better quality than those shot on tiktok.

Caption and hashtags of the videos

Writing the aptest caption for your videos is very important to attract more followers. There are times where tiktok does not publish videos with certain words in the caption. That is why it is best to be careful of the captions you use.

Also, use hashtags that are relatable to your video. You can use the #foryou if you wish to be on the “For you” page.

Account description

Apart from your username, make sure that the name on your account is clear, bold and easy to read. Keep your bio description short and easy to read.

Go live

Going live is an easy way to interact with other people and to increase your followers. Just talk to your peeps or share your experiences by going live since people who don’t follow you can also watch you live. This can give them easy access to follow your account.

Final Thoughts

Tiktok is a super fun app, and many people have become famous overnight through this app. It all depends on how interesting or funny or creative your videos are and the tactics you use to reach out to as many people possible.

While we support getting fans naturally, we know some can’t afford the time to. That’s where our service comes in, be sure to check us out.

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