After India, the US Has Also Put a Ban on TikTok

Tiktok is a video sharing app, which only provides entertainment for its users. It originated from a well-known app called Tiktok is owned by a company named ByteDance. It is a company that was founded in 2012 in Beijing. This company is based on internet technology. Tiktok is used to create and share music videos, dance for the songs, and lip-syncing also. You can promote all your talents in just a single app. Nearly 40languages are available in TikTok.

Since ByteDance belongs to Beijing, it first launched its TikTok in china as Douyin in September of 2016. After that, it was also launched in Android and iPhone OS in 2017. Later it was launched outside china and it became famous all over the world. It was also launched in the United States after combining with on 2nd August 2018.

Ban of TikTok in the United States

tiktok banned

The president of the United States gave two executive orders for banning TikTok in August 2020. The first order was given on the 6th of August, to ban the use of TikTok for stopping the ByteDance from doing business with the United States company. Similarly, the second-order was given on the 14th of August, to ban the TikTok it gave 90 days to ByteDance to sell all the assets of TikTok business into the US company as it is a parent company to ByteDance.

According to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act which was executed in 1977, the President had taken these steps for the sake of the economy of their country. For saving or controlling the economic transactions, in this pandemic situation, the resident had lasses the orders.

However, there are also some explanations, to assume that the orders were given without unpaid systems. They argued that the collected information of the users was given to the Chinese government by the TikTok, without even thinking about the safety of the users.

TikTok’s View on This

Tiktok has complained that the orders which were given by the officials will have a huge impact on the employers of TikTok from the United States. It also stated that the orders will break the unpaid system. It was also stated that the decisions made by the higher officials will highly cause a scene in political issues.

The United States has pointed out that it has collected the personal information of the user, which is illegal. Tiktok also cleared this statement by saying, various countries have various methods to collect information from its users. As many social media apps like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and many other apps collect information from the users. It also stated that they only collect the information to know how the users are utilizing their social websites, which is also legal to know the personal data for this purpose. Not only these apps but also many other social websites had never harmed the user’s data.

Within a short period, TikTok has become more popular all over the world. As already discussed the-safety of user’s personal information, it also said that TikTok never stored the user’s data and never used it for the development of their own. So, without having any evidence, stating that TikTok is misusing the personal data of the users is pointless.

China’s Views on This

China is developing its country very rapidly. This development may reduce the increase in the high-technology power of the United States. So to avoid this China is targeted by the United States, as it replaces its growth in running global high-tech power. To increase development, the United States can also target its supporters.

By using the trade act of 1974, under section 301, the United States ordered an investigation against Japan in 1989. So, it can destroy the economy of Japan. Let us see an example, the United States declared that the investigation and involvement of European unions into Facebook, Google, and Apple are for promoting the new things only. Whereas it usually bans the app which promotes the inventions. Tiktok has also expressed that the United States always wanted to remain as a leader in high-technology power. For this purpose, it has targeted to ban TikTok.

Tiktok is the most downloaded app all over the world. More than two billion people have downloaded this app in only April month. As you can see due to this reason, the United States has targeted not only the TikTok but also all other Chinese apps. Finally, their advice to other countries is to work together and speak up in opposition to the selfish United States.

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